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    Party Like a Flamingo! Summer Themed Birthday Party March 29, 2017 17:02

    Looking for a unique theme for your little one’s birthday party?  Want it colorful and fun?  A flamingo is a perfect theme for you.  Who doesn’t love these bright pink birds? It is a great theme for birthdays that fall during the warmer months.  Here are some ideas on how to put together a great flamingo themed birthday party.

    Flamingo party color combinations.  For the girl who loves the color pink, they will definitely love this theme!  Incorporate bright pinks, peaches, summer blues and greens together.  It will give your party the warm and bright look that you are looking for.  You can use these colors in the balloons you decorate with or the table cloth color covers you choose.  You want your party to look bright and fun.

    Flamingo blow-up floats.  You don’t have to have a pool to have a flamingo blow-up float.  You can use them throughout your party venue as décor.  Kids will love not only the look of them but also play with them as well.  They will give the whimsical retro flamingo look you are looking for.  Plus, what is a flamingo party without some flamingos lounging around?

    Pineapples please.  Pineapples are a great décor item to add to this party theme.  Not only are they a super yummy fruit, they are great to decorate with.  Hallow out the pineapple and you can fill it with bright pink flowers.  You can also make pineapple cupcakes.  Use yellow cake mix with bright yellow swirl frosting.  Add gold sprinkles and paper greenery for the stem. 



    Twinkle Little Star Birthday Party March 23, 2017 12:14

    If you are looking for some sparkle or even some “twinkle” for your little princess’s birthday, a Twinkle Little Star Party is the perfect theme. A beloved song
    that is almost always on of the very first songs that children learn by heart
    is a classic theme. Plus, if you are as glitter happy as we are, this is a perfect opportunity to go wild! Here are our tips on how to throw a most
    fabulous theme:

    1. Black, Gold and Pink - This color combination is very chic. Black
    for the night, gold for the stars and pink for your little princess.


    2. Sparkling Décor - Lots of glitter and lots of sparkle! Take
    sparkle gold and pink paper stock and cut out stars to stream together as
    garland. Use gold star helium balloons surrounded by pink and black balloons to add more fun décor. Feel free to incorporate white sparkle soft clouds pillow fluff to add throughout your party. Add white glitter to the fluff to give it
    more shine.

    3. Star Food - You can use simple finger foods that are cut out as stars as a fun way to serve food to your guests. PB and Jelly star sandwiches are
    yummy treats! Star watermelon slices are a delight too!

    4. The perfect outfit -  If you are looking for the most perfect outfit to go with your party theme, you must see our Krista Blush and Sequence Tulle Dress.
    With gold sequence bodice and sweet pink ruffles around the waistline,
    she will feel like a true star.


    Our Favorite Birthday Activity Trends March 15, 2017 17:33

    Celebrating with cake and candy isn’t the only element that can make a fun and memorable birthday party. In today’s birthday parties, there is always a little extra element of fun that can be included. These are fun activities either done by the special birthday child or includes the whole party. What makes it so special, is that they are great moments to capture on film. Here are some of them:


    Birthday Smash Cake. There is something so sweet about watching your child dig into a cake for the first time. The discovery of how it feels between their little fingers and its yummy taste. This is usually done on their 1st birthday. One cake to share with the guests and another for the birthday baby to dig right into! The messier the better!

    Picasso party. Not only is this party wonderfully colorful, but watching your child stretch those creative muscles and create masterpieces. Give the kids canvases with stickers to put all over. Then watch them paint all over the canvas, removing the stickers to show beautiful shape cut outs. You can also do a fun painting element where they pop small balloons filled with paint on the canvas. These are pieces of art that you’ll love displaying after.


    Paint fight! This is one fun birthday activity that not only everyone can participate in but make for an awesome photo shoot. Everyone dresses in white, have a large white sheet background and just get wonderfully colorful and messy. Paint everywhere! Have some large picture frames that your guests can hold up and look through to add a fun photo prop element.


    MINNIE MOUSE PRINCESS PARTY March 09, 2017 12:51

    A Minnie Mouse Princess Party is just about the mist adorable birthday theme out there. There is something classic about this beloved character and adding a princess theme just makes it even more picturesque.



    So how does one pull of such a delightful theme? It's a lot easier than you may think.
    Here are some of our ideas that you can incorporate at your little ones Minnie Princess Party.

    1. Pink, Black and Gold - These are the perfect color combinations for that perfect Minnie Princess Party. You can add balloons, table clothes or any other décor. Put pink roses in a small black mason jar with a gold bow to make your party colors really pop.

    2. Minnie Mouse Silhouette - A Minnie Mouse silhouette is an absolute must to incorporate in your party. It is a décor staple! And it’s pretty easy to make! All you need is two small circles and one big circle. Make sure you add a pink bow on top to designate Minnie Mouse. Make this silhouette as placemats at the table or decorated on goodie bags. You can even use foam spheres to make really cute 3 dimensional Minnie Mouse centerpieces.

    3. The perfect Minnie Mouse Outfit - We have so many great outfits for this theme in our Rufflesandbowties.boutique.
    Check out our black onesie with a Minnie Mouse silhouette and pair it with our must-have gold ruffle tutu. Your little princess will love wearing our cute Minnie Mouse gold ears! A Flawless look for the perfect photo op on her big day!



    Little Miss Scientist Birthday Party

    Looking for a unique birthday theme for your unique little darling? For when a simple princess or pony party just won’t do, a Little Miss Scientist is a perfect theme! If you have a little girl who loves science but also loves being girly, this birthday theme is one that she will remember for years to come. Here is all you need to throw the most perfect Little Miss Scientist Theme. 



    A tutu goes with everything - If you are wondering how you can dress your little scientist on their birthday while also expressing their little glamour side, anything goes with a tutu! Put a lab coat on with one of our adorable sparkly tutus underneath. You can even bedazzle her safety goggles with rhinestones and glitter!



    Experiments made of glitter - There are tons of experiments and their directions on how to execute found on Pinterest, just research “girly experiments”. You can find how to make slime that is full of glitter and shiny colors. There is even a cool experiment called Frozen Fizzy ice that is full of glitter and colors showing the reaction of baking soda with vinegar.



    Take home treats -  A great idea for a goodie bag is one of the activities can be making your own lip gloss. This is an awesome science experiment that guests can put their own little twist on flavor or color. Then they can take it home!


    Science décor -  Don’t know how to decorate for a science party? Not to fret! It’s easy! All you need are some glass jars or beakers that you can fill with glitter colored water. You can also use balloons or small balls with sticks to duplicate an inspired DNA piece. Make your punch really stand out with dry ice so that fog rolls off of it. Or use the periodic table to spell out “science party.”


    Preparing for Baby’s First Birthday January 27, 2017 13:47

    Who doesn’t want their baby’s most special birthday, their first, to be as perfect as possible?

    However, when it comes down to planning, who truly knows :-

    • what to do?
    • when to do it?
    • how to do it?

    But here’s the good news Mum and Dad – we’ve got you covered 

    The secret to success is knowing what to do when, so just follow this checklist and baby’s special day will be stress-free and successful!


    • Invitations
    • Decorations – balloons, banners, streamers, hats, ribbons, confetti, inflatables, chair covers
    • Tableware – plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, candles, trays, serving utensils
    • Party favours – boxes, bags, candy, games
    • Food – cake, cupcakes, appetisers, drinks, ice, snacks, entree, ice cream, grown-up food
    • Activities – music, piñata, prizes, bouncy castle, face paint, slides, water pool, costumes, games, photo booth, placemats
    • Thankyou notes



    • Outfits – Do you want a customised outfit made for baby? Best to design, consult and order AT LEAST 3 months before, there are great BOYS and GIRLS outfits available online.
    • Pick your party theme.
    • Photographs – Do you want to hire a photographer, or do it yourself? Allow time to find a recommended photographer and decide on requirements.


    • Think about timings – time of day, how long (most are 2-3 hours)
    • Draft guest list.


    • Finalise party theme and location.
    • Rent/order any special equipment (tables, chairs, etc.).
    • Send invite list (ask if any food allergies).
    • Research food, games, decor, activities.
    • Consider costumes – will baby wear a special outfit, or will it be a general theme?
    • Book entertainment.


    • Work with entertainment on timings, order of events, logistic needs (power/electrics, changing rooms or lights etc.)
    • Compile music/playlists/videos.
    • Finalise food list (consider allergies), tableware and party supply lists.
    • Order cake/cupcakes.
    • Order smash cake – speak with supplier for ideas?


    • Buy non-perishable foodstuff, drinks etc.
    • Collect tableware, party supplies, birthday favours, gift bags
    • Plan activity list


    • Choose party outfits.
    • Finalise activity list.
    • Ensure everything is in order for food table (tableware, decorations, candles, etc.).
    • Finalised planned guest attendance list.
    • Print out any documentation, maps, greeting cards etc.
    • Collect all decorations.


    • Double-check RSVP list, invite any extras for declined invitations guests
    • Pay deposit and finalise entertainers
    • Check cake delivery times and assembly


    • Double-check all tableware, food, menus, cake are available.
    • Purchase any last-minute omissions or oversights.


    • Pickup smashcake
    • Collect ice, flowers, gifts etc.
    • Set tables and displays
    • Chill drinks
    • Check play areas are safe (place down any mats or protective coverings)
    • Decorations up – photographs, greeting cards, themes etc.
    • Prepare gift tracker sheet – so can thank parents at a later date
    • Check music, any electronics (lights, computers etc.)


    • Set up high chair and table/chairs
    • Take photos/videos before, with guests, and after party
    • Finalise setup of decorations, balloons, food, entertainment and activities
    • Prepare an area (away from activities and foods) to safely protect gifts.


    • Clean up after guests
    • Send birthday and gift thank you notes

    Finally, and most importantly, RELAX !

    You’ve succeeded in making baby’s first birthday party a special one 

    I'm Just here for the Cake - Best Cupcake Birthday! January 24, 2017 12:15

    Best Cupcake Birthday Party Ever

    Everyone loves cupcakes.  Not only are they absolutely delicious and the flavor ideas are endless, they are absolutely adorable too.  So what a better birthday party theme for your little one than a cupcake birthday party?!  Here are some awesome cupcake birthday party ideas:

    Decorate a cupcake activity.  This is an awesome and fun activity to do at a birthday party.  Have some blank cupcakes and kids will enjoy icing them and choosing the toppings to put on them.  Hand out little boxes to boxed them up to take them home in.

    Kid’s aprons.  A great party favor is having aprons for each kid to not only wear while working on their cupcake masterpieces but also to take home too!

    Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake.  Just like pin the tail on the donkey, this fun game will be enjoyed by all your tiny guests.  Print up a large cupcake and everyone can take turns trying to pin a red balloon to the top of the cupcake.

    Cupcake décor.  Some fun and unique cupcake décor for your cupcake birthday is using different colorful cupcake liners and stringing them together to make garland.  You can also use cupcake silhouettes as the background to your birthday invitations.

    There are just so many cupcake birthday ideas you can use, and don't forget to dress your little cupcake up in an adorable cupcake outfit!!!

    Birthday Traditions Around The World January 17, 2017 18:01

    What is your birthday tradition?

    Look below for some fun BIRTHDAY traditions around the world. 

    Here in the U.S. our BIRTHDAY traditions revolve around cake, candles and presents.  We come together to celebrate another year at life.  But what do other people do around the world?  Here is a list of some fun birthday traditions that other countries do.
    IRELAND - When families celebrate their baby’s 1st BIRTHDAY, they take the top tier of their wedding cake and soak it in whiskey.  They then take the cake and then sprinkle it over their baby’s head.  There is also another tradition where they hold their child upside down and “bump” their heads on the floor for every year of their age and one extra for good luck.

    JAMAICA - The Jamaicans love to coat the birthday girl or boy with flour by family and friends.  Usually an ambush of this takes place.

    CHINA - A BIRTHDAY tradition is to symbolize longevity they eat a plate of long noodles.  They will slurp them as long as the can before biting.

    CANADA -  Birthday boys and girls are ambushed with butter where they grease up their nose.  They believe it wards off bad luck.

    NEPALESE - Here a mixture rice yogurt and color is placed on the birthday child’s forehead for goodluck.

    First Birthday Don'ts December 16, 2016 13:15

    First BIRTHDAY Don'ts

    Planning your child’s FIRST BIRTHDAY can be a bit difficult.  You want it to go off without a hitch but your guest of honor can be unpredictable.  Here are some 1st birthday don’ts to avoid, so you can make sure their first birthday party goes great.

    1. Don’t plan during or close to nap time or bed time.  Not only can your baby be grumpy and irritable during the whole party (which doesn’t make for good photos) but they can also sleep through the whole event.  Plan your party during their best time of the day – even if it means late morning.  Adults are more flexible than one year olds.

    2. Don’t invite all 100 of your closest family and friends.  Lots of people,  especially ones that your child is not familiar with, can get pretty overwhelming.  A baby overwhelmed can be a grumpy baby.  Keep your party to a smaller, more manageable number and with more familiar faces.

    3. Don’t forget to take pictures.  If there is someone at your party you can trust to do a good job, assign them the job.  As Moms or Dads we end up taking all of the pictures only to realize years down the road that we have no proof that we were even there.  So take pictures but tell someone else they are on camera duty.

    Check out our Birthday Selections for your little one!!!
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    A Perfectly Vintage Inspired Birthday Party December 16, 2016 13:13

    The Perfect Vintage Inspired BIRTHDAY PARTY
    Looking to have a VINTAGE INSPIRED BIRTHDAY for your little one?  Here are some fabulous things you must add to your child’s day:  Lace, pearls, burlap and vintage floral fabric.  There are so much decorating ideas you can do with these items.  Create fabric strips background for pictures or tie them off on a rope to decorate their high chair.  Pile them in a hurricane glass for centerpieces.  There is so much you can do with these materials! 
    Light blues, pinks and peaches.  These are an awesome color combination for that perfect vintage inspired birthday party.  Use pink florals and teal blue plates.  The colors will truly stand out. 
    Mason Jars.  These jars are so versatile.  You can use them as glasses, flower vase or even as a candle holder.  After the party, you will be sure to find many uses for mason jars. 
    The PERFECT VINTAGE BIRTHDAY OUTFIT.  What makes a great vintage inspired birthday is your little ones outfit.  Lace and sparkle is a combination you can never go wrong.  A beautiful large floral headpiece is a great touch for that wonderful Gatsby look.
    Check out our Birthday Selections for your little one!!!
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    Super Hero Birthday Party December 04, 2016 08:50


    The super hero theme is a perfect birthday theme – especially for a 1st birthday. There is something very special about SUPER HERO'S. While we all would love super hero powers the common theme in all super heroes is that they always come to help others. If you are looking to host a super hero party, here are a few things to make sure you have for your party.


    Capes and masks. It wouldn’t be a SUPER HERO party without some capes and masks readily available. While you can supply them some awesome super hero dress up costumes you can also encourage your guests to bring their own.

    1. Action figures. Pick up a few super hero action figures. Not only are they fun to play with after they also make awesome party décor.

      Pow! Ka-Boom! Need some more décor ideas? Put these awesome sayings around your party venue. They are a throwback to the older super hero comics and shows.

      Themed Treats. An awesome idea is to name some of your party treats after famous superheroes. Chicken wings can be BATMAN Wings. Green rock candy can be Super Mans Kryptonite.


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    Top Eight Items That Make for a Perfect Mermaid Birthday Party November 24, 2016 11:32

    Top Eight Items That Make for a Perfect MERMAID BIRTHDAY PARTY

    1. Turquoise, Pink and Purple.  There is something about this beautiful emerald color combination that just says MERMAID PARTY.  This is a great color combination for this party

    2. Sea Shells.  They are the perfect décor item for your party.  Put them as your centerpiece or cut them out to make a beautiful garland

    3. Sea creature cupcakes.  Decorate your cute cupcakes with different sea creature cutouts.  They can be an octopus, sea horse or a cute crab.

    4. Netting.  Looking for an easy but cool decoration?  Try netting!  You can place it over the table like a decorative table cloth that goes with the THEME.

    5. Blue and white balloons.  These are great items to decorate with as they mimic the bubbles you blow in the water.

    6. Bubbles.  Every baby loves bubbles!  They also make a perfect item to go in a goody bag.

    7. Seaweed.  Looking to make seaweed crawling throughout your walls.  You can easily do that with green streamers.  Tape them up to the wall as you twist them.

    8. Treasure.  Gold treasure in sand is also a great centerpiece.  Who knows what buried treasure you may find in the sea that a mermaid is hiding!


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    Tips for Celebrating Your Little Ones First Birthday November 16, 2016 17:06

    Tips for Celebrating Your Little Ones FIRST BIRTHDAY

    You can hardly believe it has been nearly a year since your precious little one has turned your world upside down. While there were many sleepless nights and moments where you may have been asking yourself if you are way in over your head with this parenting gig, you have made it! There is now a bit of light at the end of that tunnel. So enjoy this momentous occasion of making it a year in parenthood.

    Here are some tips to celebrate your LITTLE ONE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY

    1. TIMING IS EVERYTHING. While you may want to plan your party for the evening, that may not be your baby’s best and playful time. Don’t feel guilty about hosting your party in the late morning or after a naptime late afternoon. Work around the time you think your baby will be in their best mood.

    2. HOST THE PARTY AT HOME. Having the party in your home is great for baby because it is a place that they are most familiar and comfortable with. Plus, if they get overwhelmed and need to be put down for a nap, their sanctuary is just down the hall.

    3. KEEP THE GUEST LIST SMALL. You may want to invite everyone you know to join in on celebrating this momentous occasion but you may want to think about having a smaller party. Too many strangers can be very overwhelming for a little one.

    4. ENLIST A PHOTOGRAPHER. Have someone you trust be in charge of taking photographs for this party. By now you may have tons of pictures of your precious child but chances are you as the parent are probably only in a few. This is a perfect photo opportunity to make sure that you finally get in the picture!

    5. PICK A THEME. Whether it is colors like pink and gold or a mermaid theme, the ideas are endless. Having a theme helps make your party more concise and put together. It will help with planning what decorations and what your baby’s first birthday cake will look like.

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    It time for a Party! Let’s plan your Baby’s Birthday October 12, 2016 19:17


                                             It's time for a Party! Let’s plan your BABY'S BIRTHDAY                                                                                                                                          


    Yay! You have made it through the first year or another year of parenthood! Feels like just yesterday when you brought a newborn home and now already planning a birthday party. We know you want to plan a smashing birthday party. Here is our guide to plan a perfect birthday party for your little one.


    Weekend is a great time to plan your BABY'S BIRTHDAY to ensure everybody comes to the party. Plan the party after the baby’s naptime so he or she is well-rested. Also, don’t plan the party in haste.


    It is good to start planning 8 to 10 weeks before the birthday. It gives you enough time to decide the theme, food and spend time on DIYs to cut down your budget.


    Next is what to serve at the party? You have to consider the birthday theme and a separate menu for adults and kids. Does your baby have a favorite toy animal? Try animals or toy theme for a birthday party. You can also try seasonal themes whether the party is indoor or outdoor. Bohemian and bow tie themes are really hot BIRTHDAY PARTY THEMES these days.


    The ideas are endless!


    Check out our Birthday Selections for your little one!!!