Comfortable Flannel with a Woodsy Feel & a little Glam

Comfortable Flannel with a Woodsy Feel & a little Glam
It’s All About Buffalo Plaid
One of the biggest and hottest trends this season is that beautiful and bright, black and red buffalo plaid print.  This print also comes in a classic shade of black and white.  You are seeing it almost everywhere and not just in clothing fashion.  It is used as accents in interior design with its throw pillows and blankets and in fashion with buffalo print dresses and scarfs.  It is a piece that feels cozy and warm.  
So where did this print come from?  In 1850, a designer at Woolrich’s mill in Pennsylvania created a black and red twill plaid which was originally called Rob Roy.  But since the designer had owned a herd of buffalo, he called it buffalo check and now known as buffalo plaid.
How did this print of railroad workers and ranchers become a fashion staple this season?  Well first the big rugged brands like Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean started to include it into their collections.  Soon J.Crew and Ralph Lauren gave it its luxury twist.  A print that was more known and seen during the holidays, is now starting to carry year-round.
Incorporating this beautiful print is easy to do.  You can see it almost in every piece.  Accent your holiday home with buffalo print throw pillows, ornaments and dining placement prints.  It is also a great print to use for matching family holiday photos.  The males in your family can add a buffalo print button down or even just an accessory buffalo print bow tie.  The ladies can fashion this fabric with a buffalo print dress or accented with a buffalo print scarf.  For a completely casual and fashionable photo look, everyone can sport buffalo print pajamas.  Perfect for that warm and cozy holiday picture.
You don’t want to go through this season without this buffalo print.  Be sure to incorporate it somewhere in your life.  Beautiful and chic as well as cozy and warm, everyone in your family can rock this new fashion trend.

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  • Kim Omilusik

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