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  • Flower Child Baby Shirt -Bohemian Baby- Newborn Shirt - Floral Wreath - Gypsy - Coming Home Outfit - Native Shirt - Boho Baby - Boho Onesie - Etsy Baby Bogo Shirt


    Beauty is defined by depth of heart and freedom of soul. This boho soul onesie or shirt is perfect for your little gal who is beautiful inside out, full of heart with a soul free as can be.

    Add a matching headband and leggings for the perfect outfit

    This listing is for the onesie/bodysuit (or toddler shirt) item shown only. Any other items shown in our photos are for styling purposes only and are NOT included in the sale. - Onesie - $16.99

    *100% Cotton
    *Professionally "Heat Pressed" transfer design
    * Please contact us for larger sizes not listed

    All our items are designed by us, printed to a transfer and heat pressed using our professional commercial business grade heat press (not a hand iron). You may see signs of the transfer edge on the shirt, this is normal.

    Please Note: Kryssi Kouture items ship every Thursday... All orders placed by midnight Tues, will be shipped out on Thursday, if this deadline is missed, it will ship the following Thursday...You will receive a tracking number once your item is packaged and ready to go, but you will not be able to track it till the Thursday... If you need your item sooner, please contact us directly before purchasing to see if it is a options...

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