Around the World with Ruffles & Bowties - Hello NAMPULA!

Around the World with Ruffles & Bowties - Hello NAMPULA!

We LOVE ship days! Not only do we get to send out fabulous and adorable outfits to our fantastic customers, we also get to learn about new places all over the world!!

Todays FURTHEST package shipped 15,536 kms to its final destination of NAMPULA, MOZAMBIQUE! With sites set on their dreamy white cathedrals and muesems, this small but bustling city is a population of 477,000 residents Nampula is the third largest city in the country!

Sea side set, Ruffles & Bowties is so blessed to add Nampula, Mozambique to all the places we have been!

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  • Kim Omilusik

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