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  • 10 of the Most Fashionable Kids of Instagram March 18, 2017 10:49

    Love this article, and love that our very own Ava @avaandannbelle was featured in this article.

    Kid’s fashions have come a long way over the last decade. Thanks to an abundance of emerging fashion entrepreneurs, the kid’s fashion world has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Yes, you read that right, a multi-billion-dollar industry. Difficulty finding unique styles or pairings for kid’s clothing is a thing of the past. Even high-end fashion brands are partaking in kid’s fashions on the runways of Milan, New York, and Paris. While kid’s clothing stores such as Children’s Place, Justice, Old Navy, Carter’s, and Gap Kids are still popular mainstays, fashion houses are being built for children who want to dress with more exclusivity.

    While there are hundreds maybe even thousands of fashionable kids on Instagram these 10 Gems are the most fashionable, setting the bar high current and future generations.

    Ava @avaandanabelle on Intagram

    Ava is setting the fashion world on fire. She loves wearing pink dresses, head to toe strictly monochrome, full camouflage gears, and all things princess. Ava’s style savviness displayed through her daring outfits of the day have garnered her much attention.


    Nicholas @cpereira2489 on Instagram

    Nico began his modeling career at just 5 months old with IG small business brands. His clothing is fun, unique, and most of all comfortable. Nico combines small business and designer brands to create a classic preppy and spunk look.

    Cassia @cassia.irish on Instagram

    Cassia’s style is distinctive and diverse. Her unique outfit combinations suit her effortlessly, while maintaining a non-conformity to any fashion trends. Cassia’s fashion is a blend of vintage, minimalist, and contemporary designs.

    Zidaan @zidoze on Instgram

    A young Fashionister, Zidaan loves dressing up in stylish and dapper clothing every day. His charismatic and charming personality are reflected through his fashion choices. Zidaan’s brings timeless fashions to a younger generation with a cheerful attitude.

    Anika @anika_tatiana on Instagram

    Anika brings gracefulness to modern avant-garde. Her subtle accessory accents are what makes her style trendy, yet dramatic. Anika’s pairings of designer and every day clothing create a relaxed chic look.

    Annalise @annalise_and_alexander on Instagram

    Annalise was just 10 months old when she was introduced to a passion for fashion. Her chic approach to style includes a signature pair of sunglasses and a purse. Annalise’s trendsetting looks and excitement about fashion make her a true Fashionista.

    Kingsley @iamsirkingsley on Instagram

    Kingsley’s style goes beyond the clothing he wears. Making its own statement his hair is nothing less than fashion impressionism. Kingsley’s edgy combination of street and runway fashion convey his unique sense of style.

    Nylannah @nylannahrose on Instagram

    Nylannah doesn’t mind bending fashion rules. She’s not your traditional girly girl and prefers a tomboy style, with a girlish touch. Nylannah brings gracefulness to grunge and loves accessorizing with a choker creating instant classics.

    Daniel @d.y.white on Instagram

    Daniel’s unique style incorporates his signature bowties into various types of trends. His passion for fashion comes from his pride in rocking his naturally curly hair along with his twist on classic fashion. Daniel’s fashion reflects the true definition of a “little gentleman!”

    Ilara @growinguparmy on Instagram

    Ilara’s passion for fashion began shortly after she was diagnosed with autism at two years old. Her whimsical girly style was born from a discovery of beautifully uniquely hand-made clothes from small business shops. Ilara’s keen eye for color and design is reflected in her style.

      BY: Yarnique Spivey